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January 31st, 2013 We want you for Lucidai
Lucidai LLC, an upstart software development studio, is looking to hire a resident graphic designer. This will be a full time position.
We are currently operating from the luxurious upstairs offices of Schneider Tire Outlet, Inc. at 1454 Franklin St. in Marne, MI 49435.
Job details follow.

Job Title: Graphic Designer (for the most part)

Experience Level: Entry level (you will grow with us)

Job Purpose: Provide graphic design support for our small software development studio. Our efforts are targeted mainly towards web and mobile but flexibility and breadth of knowledge are always nice to have.

Primary Job Duties:
Make us and our products look good on the web (or any other media we might come upon).
Expand and maintain your personal technical knowledge.

Secondary Job Duties: (we are a small team, side-skills are important)
Help build and support a database of industry-related products (when you are bored, there is always data-entry).
Provide technical support to our customers (not before you know everything there is to know about our software product).

Skills & Qualifications: (in the order of importance, mostly)
Teamwork (yes, it's that important)
Attention to detail, flexibility, creativity
Always wanting to learn new things
Handles rejection well (we are perfectionists and rather mean to each-other about it)
Graphic design skills (student of and/or graduate of creative arts/fine arts school is a big plus)
Desktop raster/vector graphic design tools (there are many, most of them are decent, we are not very particular about any as we find the individual's degree of skill matters most)
Photography skills

Travel time required: Little to none.

Employment type: This is a full time position.

Email us your resume and any digital portfolio materials you have at .
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