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February 5th, 2013 Specific products for specific customers
In addition to the existing regular and generic discount rules, the "Customer Discount" module has been fitted with two new rules dealing with product visibility in the e-commerce module. To reflect this change, the module's was renamed "Discounts & Visibility".
A new column named "Type" was added to the results returned when searching discount and visibility rules to help users easily differentiate between the various types of rules.

When adding a new rule the user must specify the type of rule to be added: Discount, Denied Access or Exclusive Access. While an existing rule can be edited in all other aspects, its type cannot be changed.
Denied Access rules are concerned with products flagged as visible online (in product management) which users would, however, like to hide from selected customers. In addition, Exclusive Access rules are concerned with active products which are not regularly available online (not flagged as such in product management) but which users would like to make available to selected customers.

When assigning them to customers, the visibility rules are color coded as non-generic discounts but prefixed similar to generic discounts.

It is important to note that visibility rules are enforced inside the customer online interaction area only. When invoicing a customer, agents will be unaffected by these rules.
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