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1454 Franklin St. Marne, MI

(located within Schneider Tire)


What is Lucidai?

Lucidai is a software company, and a sister company of Schneider Tire Outlet. Our software is RubberBaron, an accounting and sales program tailored specifically for use within the tire industry. In time, the program at the core of RubberBaron, Fluid, will be modified to suit other industries.

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Rubber Baron Software is a comprehansive point of sales software with separate retail and wholesale perspectives. Easily manage all your customer interactions, have complete control over your sales, and manage your inventory all in one place. Come into the future and see what Rubber Baron can offer you!

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An ASUS laptop displaying running our software

Lucidai Legends


Lead Engineer

Thinks that team descriptions should be random, funny, and anonymous. Likes the color pink

White Fang

Software Engineer

Doesn’t have any input on team descriptions. Provides sour gummy bears, so we keep him around.

O.G. Brony

Software Engineer

Also has no input on team descriptions. You’ll be working with a fun bunch of hooligans here!


Web Designer / Junior Engineer

Wishes we could hire a techical writer soon: hates making up team descriptions.

Nickname Pending

Technical Writing Intern

Is the new technical writing intern. Will be working on new team descriptions and site content in the near future.

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